Jessica Hamel

Data Visualization Development & Design

Screenshot of poetry AI project

Can an A.I. read poetry?

An open source project exploring the way an artificial intelligence interprets poetry. Built with React.

Screenshot of tilegrams


Tiled Cartogram Maker. An open source project with Pitch Interactive to help people build better maps. Built with React and d3.js

generative art image


Canvas animation experiment with repeated curve geometries.

market space analytics

Business Analytics

Interactive data dashboards built for, a business analytics/intelligence app.

troupe connections

Connection Map

Vilna Troupe Connections: An exploration of historical data.

perry project

Nuclear Security

Visualizing the amount of nuclear material held around the world.

green eggs and ham

Green Eggs & Ham

A Dr. Seuss visualization. Built with d3.js.


Speedskaters Fight Drag

A visualization showing how much Olympic Speedskaters struggle at low-altitude venues. Built with d3.js.


Gov. Perry's Pardons

Data app built with backbone.js for the Texas Tribune


Taxes & Texas

Several visualizations built for the Texas Tribune.


The Reef (Film)

SF International Ocean Film Festival Award Winner, Official Selection Beneath the Waves Film Festival.


I'm a data visualization developer with a passion for creating interactive designs and elegant tools for understanding large datasets.

I've helped startups, public policy think tanks, news organizations, artists and academics turn data into meaningful graphics. I recently returned to freelance work after spending two years working as an engineer for Pitch Interactive, a data visualization studio out of Oakland. While at Pitch I worked for clients including Facebook, Google and IBM and had work published in Popular Science and Scientific American magazines. My go-to tools include Python, R, d3.js, React, PIXI.js, Webpack, Babel.

I am available to create data-driven web projects, touch installations and print projects. Feel free to contact me below to hear how I can help you or your organization.

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